UX/UI, Branding and Product design
Relap is the Recommendation system and Network of native advertising. High-load cloud service in the B2B segment. The goal of the platform is to improve the quality of recommendations and relevant advertising on the Internet. At the moment, the company keeps for a leading position in the market of recommendation systems and native advertising.

Audience: B2B product users, advertisers, sales, account and brand managers, webmasters, developers and all members of the internet media

Look and feel

I made logo design and corporate identity, then with the help of the team I designed a lot of visual communications and wrote a corporate identity guides. Also, I combined all the components and guidelines into one brandbook
Design System
This design system has been developed to speed up the interface assembly on production and to achieve consistency of all platform elements. It is based on atomic design.

The system is tested and evolves. Changes to one element are updated in all interfaces of the ecosystem. app is used to synchronize with the frontend team

User Interface

— I designed from scratch a publisher's account, dashboards of statistics, monetization and other all-in-one services for publishers.
— I designed from scratch a Relap Adroom. This is platform for managing Ad campaigns on the Relap Native Ad Network, also a family of internal administrative interfaces.
— A lot of effort and hours in order to have fewer clicks in user scenarios and was reduced cognitive load on permanent work with interfaces
UI/UX Research and QA
In-depth interviews, open questions, qualitative research, custdev, design thinking, JTBD, user flows, interface and feature analysis, QA, usability testing, compliance with ISO 9241–210, visual importance prediction.

I am always ready to research, test and try new methods to have data for testing hypotheses as early as possible.

Attached screenshots is an example of the analysis of competitor dashboards

Product Design

When the basic life support systems work and the minimum product makes a profit, you can start designing what modern advertising on the Internet can be. A working platform allows you to quickly launch new products and using the full power of the ecosystem to offer businesses new tools to engage the audience


Landings for different audiences and goals are combined into a single communication space via the Internet, including mobile. I came up with a corporate visual language for illustrations. The style of the illustrations is consistent with the design of the system in color and mood. I drew illustrations for the main landings. The UI-kit for the site is also based on the Relap design system

Social Media

I thought about how the pages on social networks will look like. I developed visual rules and recommendations for posts in social networks and blogs
Prepared dozens of presentations for product owners, CEO, public speakers and sales and account managers.

I developed a laconic, easily reproducible visual style on any computer and made templates. Prepared a set of png-graphics, available in the dropbox, which can be used by any employee. I took into account compatibility limitations, so I used only Arial, PPT and export to PDF
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