User interface, Product design & Identity
Yakutia is an all-in-one service for multivariate testing (bayesian multi-armed bandits and user-based collaborative filtering) and parallel optimization of subscription and web-pushs, as well as automating and segmenting email dispatches. This is when the weakest options for interacting with the audience are automatically turned off, freeing up traffic in favor of the best, and subscriptions and web pushes are effective in increasing the online media retention. The service is already integrated with One Signal, Send Pulse, UniSender, Mailchimp.

The work was in a small team, product owner and CEO in one person, PM, junior designer, backend and frontend developers. To speed up iterative design, I suggested using collaborative modern tools such as Google Docs, Telegram, Skecth/Zeplin, Figma, and to speed up production I suggested using open source UI System Ant.design.pro.

In addition to the main work on the interfaces, I designed logo and landing, including illustrations. Finally I made dozens presentations to find new customers and hundreds of web-push forms and subscriptions for client's tests.


Dashboards at different stages of product development. Product hypotheses and user cases are constantly changing, the workflow is structured so that you can quickly change the interface.

Design process

After discussing and agreeing on the interface requirements, I gather the right screens and think through the logic of feachers, then I make a clickable prototype in the Marvell App, which is easy to test, coordinate and share for frontend planning. Finally, I'm moving the agreed design to Zeplin that the frontend was comfortable working with layouts


It's much more efficient to work as a team on a presentation at Google Apps.
Customer service
The most unobvious decisions can be powerful. We don't know what's really best for the user.

So I did a lot of design options for testing and experimented with different types of user involvement.

Developed design system for fast restyling of web forms design for client's website style.

First prototype

The very first prototype of the product. For quick development we used the Bootstrap framework.


The logo to all usage formats, on websites, in print, against a dark background, with the product name and as a separate sign.
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