Product Design for Relap

New Generation Ad Formats and Recommendation Widgets
This case shows that I think strategically when designing. I think how my design will work in the future.

The advertising market is changing. Owners of Internet media find it increasingly difficult to make money on advertising. Traditional Internet advertising is not effective, advertisers are not satisfied with a сustomer acquisition cost and a quality of communication with the audience. Today, a conscious (higher income) media consumer has banner blindness and insensitivity to clickbait. New reality introduces restrictions, and social networks dictate their own rules of the game. It is short-sighted for business to consider relevant audience segments a stupid herd that will swallow a bullshit. Advertising for the future should not be annoying, but should help to find useful things and services with the help of recommendation technologies and high-precision targeting. People love stories and sincere communication. Effective advertising is above all a good story.

New Ad Formats

Create a story, not a commercial.
Web-gallery demo of all Ad Formats
The manager sends the link to advertisers, and they can explore a line of ad formats that can be launched without delay or select a starting format to customize for a specific marketing strategy.

Publishers can also learn demo how you can harmoniously integrate ads into their media.

You can switch the viewing mode to see how this or that format will look on the desktop and on the mobile.

Deka and Ollie

Relap is a complex product and requires a simpler solution to increase market share, a faster access point to the technology, in just a few clicks.

You should not compare Deca with Yandex.Zen, the similarity here is only in the mechanics of the carousel. Zen's widget takes too much attention, unbalanced by the contrasts, spoils the design of the site on which it is installed. Zen is about traffic exchange, not high-quality recommendations inside the media, designed to engage the user, but not to divert from the site.

Killer feature of Deka is a new advertising format Ollie — narrative advertising. Advertising in a pop-up is a pain, but this impression can be changed, just like a skater does an ollie trick.

Narrative Cards Editor for "Ollie" Ad format

I designed an intuitive interface that focuses the user's attention on creating a story using only text and images:

Widgets Сonstructor for Premium Publishers

The task was set to develop a drag-drop tool for publishers so that any person without special developer skills could use it. You can adjust the grid of columns and rows and fill in with the hypothesis which combination will perform better. You can make multiple versions and run testing.
The constructor is delivered to the client as a item in the widgets gallery in the publisher account and inherits the base layout of the widget editor, which does not destroy the consistency of the entire ecosystem.

Traffic sources available in the constructor:
User intarface:
Assembled composite widget on the publisher's website:
The designer provides a simple and fast way to build web templates with different traffic sources. Examples of complex integration with publishers and traffic aggregators:

Images are clickable
Standart Ad Formats product line
I designed a line of widgets from scratch and refined together with frontend team leader it all the time the service was developed. Today it is the 7th version.

— Standard widget under the article (cards/list);
— Aside widget;
— Mini/medium/wide/video inline;
— Family of sliders;
and some more interactive widget concepts:
I always think how all projects that I do will adapt on mobile. I also prepare for developers mockups with mobile versions and a notation for them.
Sales Support
Crafted dozens of concepts and implemented dozens of projects for advertisers.
The concepts are based on interactive mechanics available on the web. Quick games, polls, tests, quizzes, reactions to the context, etc. Everything that the user was interested in interacting with content. To advertising not only invade place on the site, but talked to the user, was beautiful, not screaming and offered to the user to explore the promotional offer in more detail.
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