Egor Abaturov Product Designer

For over 10 years I make comprehensive visual communications and digital graphic design I strive for simplicity, usability and functionality.

Being a Product Designer with a focus on B2B and SaaS I created Recommendation Systems, Advertising Networks, Dashboards, Online media, Native Advertising, Web design as well as presentations for product owners, CEO's and public speakers. Under my supervision Relap took 1st Place in the Ranking of Native Networks by Adindex.

I designed Surfingbird interactive self learning interactive application for iOS and Android which allowed user to choose themes and recommended relevant content while learning user's preferences according to "likes" in order to improve filtering of personalised news feed.

I designed Math learning computer games for scholars in Reasoning Mind Org. Game system was testing and providing students with interactive "Student's Personal Virtual Classroom" according to personal level with Math exercises as well In-app Store with motivational content.

I have unique experience in textile design and launch of a fashion brand Maroumoto.

I have experience in interactive installation design, media-art and AR project.

I worked in print design: Designed Annual financial presentations, Corporate and Financial periodicals, Infographics, Identity and Magazine Advertising. With my leading contribution project for OJSC "Atomenergomash" took Platinum MarCom Award Design.

Working in those different fields and with multiple clients and requirements I acquired high ability to transfer best practice from one field to another and turn it into a new experience.
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